Auto insurance company said to make an offer on reduced payment to pay off a claim. How much do I offer?

An uninsured driver drove a car and rear ended some one. They have now claimed $10K+ on their insurance. The insurance companies legal team said to offer a reduced amount for pay off negotiation. What percentage of discount will they typically accept?

I own a company that handles claims for insurance companies against at-fault uninsured people. We do not have a set percentage. It depends on the amount owed, the finances of the uninsured person, whether the state is involved in suspending a drivers license etc.

If the uninsured person has the finances to pay the claim in a one-time lump sum payment we give a pretty good discount because we hate monthly payment plans that run 15 yrs.

We have settled claims where the person owes around 10K from $3000 to $6300.00.

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