What About YOU Affects Your Insurance Rate-Turns Out

If you’re wondering what your chosen occupation, the color and style of your car, or your home address have to do with qualifying for lower car insurance rates, the answer is-everything. Here are some areas of your life in which insurance providers are extremely interested. How and why they care is all about the level [...]

Is it worth buying the cheapest policy?

When shopping for car insurance or any service in this economy, we all tend to make our initial decisions based on the cost of the service. We gravitate toward the cheapest rates without weighing the value of the service against the cost. The only trouble with this mentality is that what saves money on the [...]

No Fault insurance and PIP – essential details

Typically, no fault auto insurance, referred to as PIP Insurance, refers to any kind of insurance contract where the policy holder is reimbursed for losses by his insurance provider, no matter whose fault an accident actually is. No Fault auto insurance aims to provide essential medical insurance coverage for individuals hurt in car accidents especially [...]

Learn How To Protect Your Vehicle From Burglars

How do you avoid turning into a victim of a automobile burglar? We analyzed stats and tips from the experts. First, the good news: Thievery in the year 2008 was down 12.7 percent from the prior year and reaches its lowest level since 1978. Next, the not so good news: Thieves however stole almost a [...]

What is GAP Insurance and Why Do You Need It?

Just when you thought you knew almost everything about insurance coverage – along comes gap insurance. Even though it may seem trivial, gap insurance is very important for leasing. And when you’ve made a small deposit when choosing a car, a gap policy can be lifesaver too. But first, let’s explain why it exists. As [...]

Beneficial advice regarding being involved in a major accident

Car accidents are always unforeseen and by no means pleasant. If you haven’t been involved in one by now count yourself fortunate. Statistically, the majority of us will eventually make an insurance claim following an accident. Determined by the state you reside in, in the event you cause a lot of crashes in a short [...]

Are you wondering if you have to pay for full cover auto insurance?

Are you one of the numerous drivers who are thinking about switching insurance policies in order to reduce costs? It’s not really a big surprise that a large percent of motorists find choosing auto insurance to be a challenging and often puzzling process. There could be many options and terms that you are unfamiliar with. [...]