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2011 – Cheapest and most expensive cars to insure

A recent study, posted online, reveals which automobiles are the most expensive to insure this year. As you can imagine, the expensive high performance vehicles top the list. Regardless if you are a great driver, with years of driving experience and a clean driving record, acquiring Mercedes SL65 AMG will mean you have to pay [...]

Car insurance for holiday rental in Orlando

Just booked a car rental in Orlando. Original cost: $215. After insurance: $451.How can I minimize insurance fees? What’s the bare-bone insurance I really need to have? I’m travelling with wife and 2 kids. AmEx covers CDW only. I live in China, so I don’t have my own insurance when I’m in the States for [...]

Orlando holiday car hire insurance quote

I have booked a flight and accommodation package with for 14 days in Orlando and I am staying in a hotel on the International drive. As part of the package, they’re giving me a free car for 14 days. The car comes with free 3rd party insurance, but from the forums I have read, [...]

Auto insurance for 16 year old in Orlando

hey i will be 16 yrs old soon enough but i need an auto insurance i live in Orlando, does anyone know how much it will cost me? whats the cheapest? Its almost impossible to answer your questions because there are so many variables at play. What kind of car are you driving? Where do [...]

Auto insurance company said to make an offer on reduced payment to pay off a claim. How much do I offer?

An uninsured driver drove a car and rear ended some one. They have now claimed $10K+ on their insurance. The insurance companies legal team said to offer a reduced amount for pay off negotiation. What percentage of discount will they typically accept? I own a company that handles claims for insurance companies against at-fault uninsured [...]

How do most major auto insurance work when a vehicle is stolen?

My Uncles SUV was stolen and he is afraid that they will recover it vandalized and given back to him. He doesn’t want it back as he is afraid the damage is allot. Is there a specific time in which all insurance companies give before they say its a total loss and pay the vehicle? [...]

The key types of vehicle insurance coverage – the basics!

When it comes to auto insurance, the majority of people get puzzled. Unquestionably, deciding on the right insurance policy is extremely important. What is the point of coughing up for a coverage which leaves you underinsured? It is also a waste of your hard earned cash to fork out for coverage you don’t really have [...]

Is it expensive to live in Orlando, Florida?

I have been thinking about moving to Orlando, Florida. I’m just wondering how expensive it is. If I do I’d really like to move to the Orlando area, but if you only know about other areas, feel free to list those. I might be open to other areas in Florida. Right now is not a [...]

How much is insurance for a 2009 Honda Civic Si Coupe?

I am 16 years old and my mother is going to co-sign on an si. im a boy, no record, good grades, and live in Danbury CT (06811) Mum cosigned on my 2008 but they have some $$$ to protect so policy limits are at the max for all their cars and mine on Allstate [...]

Hit by careless driver in Orlando

A careless driver hit my car headon and damaged my bumper,hood and signal lights,at stop sign.The police report is in my favor.I have basic insurance and no collison clause. I would like to have some advice as to will oppiste party is bound to repair my car for all the damage done.The police even gave [...]