Car insurance for holiday rental in Orlando

Just booked a car rental in Orlando. Original cost: $215. After insurance: $451.How can I minimize insurance fees?
What’s the bare-bone insurance I really need to have? I’m travelling with wife and 2 kids. AmEx covers CDW only.
I live in China, so I don’t have my own insurance when I’m in the States for 2 months. Guess I have to pay, huh! Is it possible to get car insurance just for 2 months use, for use only with car rentals? If so, with whom? Got a website?

You may need only damage waiver and liability. Uninsured motorist protection or personal effects protection is up to you. It’s best to check with your own insurance company to see if they cover a rental vehicle, and best to ask them if they cover Loss of Use (revenue lost due to time taken getting rental vehicle fixed). Most car rental companies have tiered coverage fees…they may say their vehicle coverage is $15/day and covers up to $100,000, but ask them when you get to the counter if they have $10/day that covers, lets say, just up to $50,000…my advice, take their rental coverage because you wouldn’t have to file with your insurance if something happens…

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