Driving without insurance in Orlando

Are you driving without auto insurance in Florida? Are you curious as to what may happen to you when you get caught? Even if you are a meticulous driver, don’t you need an auto insurance?

Its of paramount importance to establish one thing first. Driving your vehicle without auto insurance in Florida, or anywhere in the United States Of America for that matter, is illegal.

The authorities consider it a punishable offenceand you will face charged when you get caught. Quite often, police officers do check people’s auto insurance policies.

Florida’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has the right to suspend your driving license for up to 3 years or until you are able to show a proof of Florida auto insurance.

Of course, taking away your drivers license is only the tip of the iceberg. You will also have to pay a fine to reinstate your drivers license. The penalty could be in the region of $150 to $500, with larger sum being paid if you have previous violations. You will also be required to have SR22 insurance for the next 3 years

Apart from the fact that its a punishable offence, driving without car insurance in the Sunshine State is a bad idea.

One look at the statistics shows that uninsured drivers are at fault in most serious accidents on the roads of Florida.

Think for a minute, even if you are not caught just yet, it is extremely possible that you can cause an accident and without an auto insurance you will most likely have to pay a very large amount of cash to cover repairs and medical expenses.

Experts state that as many as one in five drivers in the Sunshine State are without the required insurance cover. Especially true now given the state of our economy and people’s need to save money. Saving money is one thing, but when it comes to driving in Florida, the law states it clear – you are obliged to have insurance.

Its is much wiser to save money by comparing quotes and finding cheap auto insurance in Florida. Save yourself from a lot of trouble by getting insured today.

Compare FREE insurance quotes and see how much you can really save.

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