Hit by careless driver in Orlando

A careless driver hit my car headon and damaged my bumper,hood and signal lights,at stop sign.The police report is in my favor.I have basic insurance and no collison clause. I would like to have some advice as to will oppiste party is bound to repair my car for all the damage done.The police even gave the opposite party a ticket too for careless driving.The accident happend in Florida(orlando).my car is about 10 yrs old now,and my only form of transport to work.Thanks.
by the my insurance company said that i would have to make claim by myself.
well,the oppisite party is self insured
corporate giant party.Thanks.I appreaciate all replies

If the other person had the legal coverage, you should be covered for all damages. Unfortunately, with a ten year old car, often the insurance companies will write it off if the damage is near the value of the car. You may need to fight that, depending on what they say the car and damage are worth. You will probably not be covered for a rental vehicle, but you need to contact the other insurance company about that. It doesn’t sound like your own coverage will cover that. You can often get a courtesy car from repair shops. Good luck, it is never fun dealing with insurance companies, but it is clear that you are not at fault in any way and should not have problems with your own insurance company.

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