Is it expensive to live in Orlando, Florida?

I have been thinking about moving to Orlando, Florida. I’m just wondering how expensive it is. If I do I’d really like to move to the Orlando area, but if you only know about other areas, feel free to list those. I might be open to other areas in Florida.

Right now is not a good time to be moving to Florida, especially the Orlando area. The housing bust hit there hard and home values just plummeted!
Even if you’re planning to rent, if your landlord is foreclosed on, you’re out.
Rents are reasonable, though, especially for homes.
You can rent a nice house for around $1100 or less a month in that area.
An apartment is less.
Food prices are the same as elsewhere. And gas is about $2.75 a gallon right now.
Car insurance is cheap and so are taxes which are very low to none.
But don’t move to Florida just looking for a lower cost of living.
It’s not THAT cheap.
And decent paying work is hard to find there now, unless you don’t mind making $8.00/hr in a service job.
Personally, Orlando is ugly. In fact, all of central Florida is ugly, That’s the real Florida. The fake Florida is along the coasts. That’s where it’s nice and palm trees are not native to Florida, by the way.
They drive like maniacs there as well and there’s endless rows of ticky tacky tract housing.
And the weather…well if you like hot sweltering summers and cool damp winters and hurricanes and constant rain and humidity…
Aside from WDW where I fly in, stay in the resort and fly out, I do not like Florida. But that’s IMHO.
I wish you luck!

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