Is selling my car a good idea?

I was so hell bent on buying a car a few months ago I would have killed for one.

The car I bought was a 2003 nissan altima for $7800. Im making payments of $190 a month on the car. My car insurance just went from $212 a month to $260 a month because Unitrin Direct took off my e-signature discount. I have a clean driving record though

Its obvious now but I’ll state that I’m 19 and this is my first car, I bought it with NO help from my parents who have cut me off financially, as I no longer live with them.

Im getting ready to go to school to be an auto mechanic, couple that along with my hours at work getting cut from 40 to 26. the car payment and insurance payment are really beginning to crush me financially.

But where I live in order to survive, a car is practically required. Orlando only has a cruddy bus system that stops running around 7pm.

I really dont want to go back to riding my bike to work, and even though I cannot afford my car anymore, I need it to get to work and eventually school.

Is selling my car a good idea?
i’ve been looking for a second job for months. each one said ihd have to quit my first if i wanted any hours for less pay

publix pays me $9 an hour, most places willing to hire me pay minimum wage, not gonna quit publix to make less money

also cant get second job, i am starting at UTI in a few weeks
unitrin direct is the cheapest insurance i can get

Well, it doesn’t hurt to try and see if you can sell your car. If you do manage to sell it at a price where you’re not loosing too much money on the car then you could either get a less expensive car or a scooter.

Look into windshield crack repairs. Seems to be an easy and lucrative business to have on the side. You could advertise around the school and take appointments to fix the cracks in the parking lots when you have the time to do so. It wouldn’t take much practice to be better than the people doing it out of those awnings set up in the parking lots. If you have a glass polisher, the results can be invisible. There’s a bit of poetic justice in getting to invoice the insurance companies.

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