Moving to Orlando. Can I fight an auto judgment?

I had just moved to Orlando, FL in 2001 or so. I was involved in a car accident and still had my New Hampshire valid license and tags. I didn’t have insurance at the time. I was rear ended and spun out on the highway in Orlando. The state trooper, who didn’t see the accident occur, said it was an illegal lane change, even though I was the car in front and used my directional. I was then sued for $7,300 after i moved back to NH. I recently went to buy a house and this judgment made the deal fall through. I understand FL is a “no-fault state”. My vehicle was totaled and I received nothing for damages. My question is how can I fight the judgment without paying the full amount. I was never notified of this being sent to my credit and ruining everything for a measly car accident.

Judgments only stay on credit reports for 7 years. It will be gone for that reason soon anyway, so there is no reason to fight it now.

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