Need auto insurance advice in Orlando please?

I’m not from Florida,I just flew in from NYC. My brother was in a car accident and he was a passenger! My brother was put in a coma but he just woke up a few days ago. he’s getting better every day but may need some therapy. Earlier today I got a call from the driver’s insurance company asking us about my brother’s insurance stating that they will give my brother $20k. My family and I do not want any extra money we just want his hospital bills and any treatment covered! My family is a bit confused and since I’m not from the area I’m not 100% sure what to do but we will be contacting an attorney in the morning. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
I forgot to mention that the insurance person also stated that a new law in Florida is that all parties now split payments or something? He woke me up so I was not fully aware until he mentioned the $20k which I think was just a fast way for them to settle this!

get a lawyer and talk things over with him.

I personally would not accept an offer without knowing what his full medical bills are going to be.

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