Orlando Auto Insurance For Students

Okay, so I am in Orlando, FL for college and my Mom is moving to California. Is there anyway I can be on her insurance in California, and still drive here? If I’m listed under insurance for living in Orlando, our insurance goes from $138 a month to almost $400 a month. My mom, nor myself, can’t afford this. My job is a delivery job, so I HAVE to be insured. Any help here? I want REAL answers from someone who KNOWS what they are talking about. My Mom put it last year that I wasn’t driving in Orlando, but isn’t that illegal? She wants to do it again, but it’s illegal, and they’ll know it when they do my taxes. I keep telling her this, but she says not to worry about it. She’s just concerned because she can’t afford it. There has to be something we can do…
*Neither my mom or myself can afford this.

(Sorry for the horrible grammar. Some college kid, huh? My grammar goes out the window when I’m upset.)
Thank you. I figured it was along these lines. I would be insured because when I registered the car and redid insurance I told them about the job, the new car, college, etc. My Mom freaked because my insurance more than doubled, so she is thinking about canceling my insurance before the bill is due. It IS impossible for either of us to afford the insurance, so I have no idea what I’ll do. Not good news for me, but thank you for the answers.

The first thing that stuck out here was that you are using your vehicle for commercial purposes. Any time you “deliver” with your auto, this type of use is excluded from your personal auto policy. You may be uninsured and not even know it.

In regards to the college thing, the main rule of thumb is that you MUST live in a dorm and on campus 9 months out of the year to be considered “still in the parents household”. The car must be titled to her (or co-titled between her and you), and registered as such. If none of this applies, you must get your own policy.

The laws in the No-Fault state of Florida are very different than the laws in California. I caution both you and Mom not to play the out-of-state game to save a buck or two. I guarantee that in the event of a claim, you will definitely have problems arise and possibly get your claim denied. Don’t take the gamble and buy what you can afford.

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