The key types of vehicle insurance coverage – the basics!

When it comes to auto insurance, the majority of people get puzzled. Unquestionably, deciding on the right insurance policy is extremely important. What is the point of coughing up for a coverage which leaves you underinsured? It is also a waste of your hard earned cash to fork out for coverage you don’t really have to have. The fact is that, thousands of people in America pay too much for auto insurance.

A great place to get started is realizing the basics. First of all, it must be clear that an auto insurance policy is simply a combination of different types of insurance coverage. Second of all, the state you live in has minimum limits of cover you are required to include in your policy. Generally they are Bodily injury liability (BIL), Personal injury protection (PIP) and Property damage liability (PDL) coverage. The minimum amount of cover could vary from state to state.

Bodily injury liability – if you kill or harm someone while driving your car, the BIL part of your policy will provide you protection. Furthermore, if another party decides to sue you after an car accident you have caused, Bodily injury liability coverage will provide for legal defense. Protecting your personal assets is crucial, taking into consideration how costly a serious automobile accident can prove to be. BIL is not about your automobile, but rather potential injuries to other individuals. If you possess more than one motor vehicle, try to keep the BIL coverage identical for all of them.

Property damage liability – this part of the policy is designed to cover other people’s property destroyed during an accident. If you end up in a position where another party is suing you for property damages you have caused, PDL gives you legal defense.

Personal injury protection – in a few states closely connected with No-fault. PIP covers the medical bills for the driver and passengers in your car. Some insurance policies include protection for injuries sustained as a pedestrian.

Experts generally highly recommend getting more cover than the state’s required minimum.

Additional Auto Insurance Coverage

Wondering what other types of cover may be useful? Well, it all depends on your circumstances, but here are probably the most common ones:

Uninsured motorists coverage – in the last couple of years more and more people are driving without insurance. You need to guard yourself and your family against such drivers. Adding uninsured motorist coverage to your insurance plan is recommended by just about any insurance professional nowadays.

Comprehensive physical damage coverage – if you want your motor vehicle to be protected against fire, flood or theft, this is the coverage you need. Of course, it is barely worth it adding it to your insurance policy if you motor vehicle doesn’t have a lot of value. The price of this coverage really depends on the deductible you are comfortable having.

Collision coverage – if you hit another motor vehicle or object, or even if you are hit yourself by another motor vehicle, the cost of repairs will be covered by collision coverage. Again, only worthwhile it if you drive a newer car and your deductible comes into play.

These are pretty much the main coverages that you have to have. So now you can make an educated choice which cover you require and which one is unnecessary for you. If in doubt, always consult a professional and keep in mind to obtain more than the required minimum which is,quite often, not really enough.

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