what happens if i don’t file a GAP insurance claim?

on st patricks day, i totalled my car that was worth $9000, and i owed $11500 on it. i bought GAP insurance when i got the car. but about 3 weeks before my wreck, a guy backed a camper into the side of my car. long story short, his insurance company gave me a check for $2300 to get it fixed. i didnt care that it was dented so i blew the money on a weekend in orlando (and i dont regret it one bit either.) but after my car accident, my insurance company told me they knew i had that claim from the camper backing into me. she asked me if the check i got for it was less than $1200 and i said no. so she said they were gonna pay the value of the car MINUS $1200 and the GAP insurance will pay the rest of the car, but she said the GAP insurance will ALSO minus out the $1200. so, all in all, after my insurance and my gap insurance pay this car off for me, i will still owe $1200. i have no intention of paying off this $1200, simply because i just cant financially. my insurance has paid their part, but im in the middle of filing the GAP claim. and it sucks. OMG they want copies of the stupidist randomist crap. which i get it, they make u just through hoops so they can find a way to deny your claim. but, here is the thing…i already bought a new car. when i bought my new car, the salesman said there is no other car loan on my credit report. so, what i am wondering is, if i dont bother to file the gap insurance claim, and i walk around owing like 3500.00 for my totalled car (that i have no intention of paying, cuz screw them.), and that car is potentially not even on my credit report, whats the worst that can happen to me? what, i’ll screw up my credit? its pretty gruesome already. i am in the middle of a divorce, selling a house and i have nowhere to live after it sells, my husband has custody of my daughter, and i think i might be losing my job. so, this GAP insurance/car payment thing can take a back burner right? if u were me, what would u do? would u just stop paying the totalled car, dont bother with the GAP and focus on other things?

ok even though you have a lien, on the 1st accident you were not at fault so they paid you for the amount of the damages. they dont care if you fix the car or as you did, take a nice trip to orlando; they pay what they owed you;

the only time when the other insurance company considers a lien is when the car is totaled and then the check goes to the lienholder.

now your own insurance is different; the lienholder is listed on your policy to protect them for any damages; so any payment will either have the lien and your name or your name and a body shop to verify that you cant cash it without fixing your car.

even though this may not be listed on your credit report now, most likely will show up in a few months. you better file for your gap since believe me creditors will hound you for that $3500;

another consideration; if you were to lose your job; a lot of employers run credit checks on prospective employees; my step son had a job offer that they took back after they ran his credit and found a a judgment on his credit report;

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